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Services / Maintanance & After Sale Support
Ray Avin Fan commitment to the Clients and End-Users is not limited to the Contract duration and is not ended by handing over the Project, it extends to the Operation period. Based on our standard services and upon Client request, we deliver professional “Maintenance & after Sales” Services for improving the Performance of the Systems, rectifying problems and malfunctions, upgrading Software Versions and Hardware Platforms, repairing/replacing the faulty elements, supplying the operation/overhaul Spare Part and last not least briefing and hand on job training of the Operators.
For professionally handling the “Maintenance & after Sales” challenges, Ray Avin Fan formed a department known as “Site Engineering Department”. The main goal of this Department is to gain the full satisfaction of the Clients by minimizing the unscheduled downtime and improving the overall performance of the Systems. After Projects handover, based on the Clients request, the “Site Engineering Department” can deliver “Maintenance & After Sales” Services with following attributes:

• Hot Line Service, 24/7 on line attendance, engaging/rectifying the Problem in less than 72 hours
• Regular and Periodical Check-Ups
• Event Driven Request

The Services covers:
• Rectifying problems and malfunctions
• Upgrading Software Versions and Hardware Platforms Repairing/replacing the faulty elements
• Supplying the operation/overhaul Spare Parts
• Briefing and hand on job training of the Operators.
• Consultancy
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