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• Consultation, design and execution of optical fiber networks The rapid growth of Information and Data networks and the importance of receiving and sending these information in our everyday life, calls for a reliable and efficient network with high transmission capacity. Considering the rate of investment and technological problems, for the time being the absolute and optimal answer to this need is utilizing Optical Fiber Network. Fortunately, with the recent Technological Development in this field and because of worldwide spred of related Equipment and Accessories, prices have been reached to appropriate levels that even medium & small Utilities can afford them. Activities of Ray-Avin-Fan Company are concentrated in two main fields in this department:

i. Selecting the Optical Fiber Cables and related accessories, procurement and installation of cable networks Optical fibers are categorized in two main categories, Aerial cables & Ground Cables. Aerial cables are: Cables with Stainless Steel or Aluminum tubes and conductors like MASS, OPPC, OPGW, which their main purpose is in Energy Transmission. These cables are used in place of Guard-wire (OPGW) or main conductor (OPPC) or as an independent conductor (MASS). Dielectric Cables with isolated cover, ADSS and AD-Lash, which are also, installed on Energy Transmission lines, by lashing along the Guard- wire (AD-Lash) or supported independently (ADSS) to the Towers.

Ground Cables are: Direct Buried Cables and Cables with specific purpose, appropriate for water, gas, swage pipelines and railways. Having strong relations with qualified Europeans & Japanese cable manufacturer companies (e.g. Pirelli, Brugg, Alcatel, Fujikura, Frukawa, …) and procurement of related accessories (Splice and Junction boxes, Accessories, Terminals and Distribution Frames), these cabling networks are provided and installed.

ii. Consultation, Design and Implementation of Optical Active Networks. The Networks are designed by considering the requirements of network, due to regional geographical aspects, population and the amount of investment and Technical information e.g. type of optical cable, the transmission rate and capacity and the network topology (Ring, Mesh, Linear, Point to Point). Also active elements like ADM, TM multiplexers and other devices of the network are chosen accordingly to provide a data high way (Data Backbone), branched in specific points with lower speed and more number of lines. Based on PDH, SDH, SONET standards and in cooperation with most reputable manufacturers of these accessories like Siemens, Alcatel, NEC, … a very reliable, high speed and efficient network could be created to transmit huge amounts of voice, image and data information.

• Consultation, design and Implementation of PLC Based Networks The widely spred High, Medium and Low Voltage grid from one side and the easiness of Installation of PLC (Power Line Carrier) Equipment over this grid, makes PLC based Communication Network a chip and trustful media for small utilities and special purposes. This is much more sensible when the Data rate is not so high, the media does exist and the bidget is very restricted. Due to Technical Development of past decade in the field of Signal Processing, a drastic change has occurred in the PLC’s capacity whereas now PLC are able to offer different services such as Data, Fax, Voice, … With the assistance of highly qualified staff that we have, we can offer different Engineering Services including Design, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning. This is true for both Analog and Digital PLC generation and calculation and procurement of them and associated accessories (e.g. TPS, Line Traps, Line Matching Units, etc.).

• Installation of LAN and WAN Computer Networks - Design, Installation, and execution of Local Aria Networks (LAN) in commercial buildings based on Windows and Unix operating systems - Domain definition for clients and division of network resources depending on client’s needs - Connecting networks by Router and Gateway - Installation of optical fiber Backbones in Local Aria Networks
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