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Undoubtedly the most valuable asset of Ray Avin Fan is its Personnel. To keep up with the World’s fast Developments in different Fields and Majors and in order to guarantee the Quality of our Work, we have no choice other than Continuous Training of our Personnel. This trend of Training is applicable for all Departments and we use advance courses, methods and instructors, locally and internationally, to ensure the permanent improvement of our Staff.
From the other side, Ray Avin Fan considers the promotion of its Clients and End-Users Technical Knowledge as the high priority concern. Accordingly we arranged a Curriculum for Professional TechnicalCourses with annual Calendar. We are proud that these Training is very much popular not only by our direct Clients but also by the third parties.

Some of the Topics of the Courses are as follows:
• Substation Automation software for Server
• Substation Automation software for HMI
• Measuring in Automation software
• AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)
• IEC 61850 Networking (Managed Switch configuration)
• Introduction to Industrial DSC
• Current Transformers/ Potential Transformers
• Fundamentals and analysis of transformer protection system
• Fundamentals and analysis of line and BusBar protection system
• Power System Fundamental
• Power System Grounding
• Power Swing and its attribute in Grids
• Load Shedding Essentials for Power Systems
• Transmission Line Protection Application
• HTLC Protocol
• IEC-60870-5-101 Protocol
• Indactic Protocol
• Networking & Industrial PC
• Optical Fiber Technology & Cables
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